Improve Your Clinical Skills With Our Huge Selection of Training Programs

If you have joined the healthcare field, chances are, you want to help people. Although the money can be good in the healthcare field, many professionals don't go into it to make money, they want to save lives! If this sounds like you, and you want to improve your clinical skills even more, then you have come to the right place. We are The Certific...
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The CPR Training in NYC that’ll have you ultra-confident!

Are you ready to save some lives? Are you ready to take off in your career with helping people? If so, then you can get the proper CPR Training right here in NYC. You'll obtain and absorb all the knowledge required to perform such tasks and do it with confidence. Be a heart saver and join us in our endeavor to create super heroes in a realistic wor...
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Certification in NYC for the ACLS training you NEED

 If you need certification for ACLS and you need it soon then this is the perfect place to get it. The Certification Center is highly accredited and full of passionate people running the company. The Advanced Cardiac Life Support training will help you with Advanced Airway Techniques, EKG Recognition, Pharmacology, Defibrillation, Cardioversio...
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The OSHA Certification Program of NYC with high scores!

 We all know how people above us in the work place usually have more training or certifications giving them the edge. Well if you're tired of not getting the job or the promotion you want then you should get the proper certification/training through The Certification Center. This place has got such high credentials and support it'll blow your ...
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Performing CPR? Avoid These Mistakes!

As one of the most crucial life-saving techniques available to us today, cardiopulmonary resuscitation helps save at least 18% of those who are suffering cardiac arrest. Here at The Certification Center, your source for trusted CPR training in NYC, we know that mistakes can be made from anyone – from experts and professionals to bystanders who are ...
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BCL/ACLS Certification Classes

The Certification Center is where New York's place to come to get certified in a large number of areas that can help your career. We have a new class starting in January that will be great! It will answer the needs of many people. This new class is a combination ACLS/BLS certification. The combination Basic Cardiac Life Support/Advanced Cardiac Lif...
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Warning Signs of a Heart Attack

What is a BCLS certification? At the Certification Center, we provide a wide variety of certifications for professionals in the medical field, one of which is BCLS certification in NYC. BCLS stands fro basic cardiac life support, and it is a training class given to medical professionals that covers various life-saving techniques. BCLS certification...
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Invest in Yourself with IV Therapy Certification

Invest in your career! Keeping yourself current with all your continuing education requirements is worth the money, time, and effort. Anyone working in healthcare knows that your training is never complete. Continuing education and recertification will keep you up-to-date on the latest methods for common procedures. The Certification Center is the ...
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Defensive Driving

The Certification Center offers classes in Pals Certification, BCLS, ACLS and CPR training, but we do more! We also have online courses including on defensive driving. Our Defensive Driving course is NY DMV approved for point and insurance reduction. It allows you to save 10% on your auto or motorcycle base premium. You can remove up to 4 points of...
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OSHA Training

The Certification Center is your source for certification training for a number of fields including PALS certification, BCLS certification, ACLS certification and CPR certification, and OSHA training. This blog will serve as an introduction to OSHA training. Occupational Safety and Health Administration is the government agency whose business it is...
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Get Your PALS Certification Online!

Life can be incredibly busy. Between your job, your family, your daily chores and your social life, it is a miracle that you find time to breathe, let alone time to get PALS certified. There has to be a better way, and when you have The Certification Center on your side, it is easier than ever to get the certification that you need. We are your pre...
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PALS certification NYC is the way to go!

Looking for that perfect Certification Center? Need to get your CPR training and do it quickly? Need that ACLS, IV, or BLS training and need a reputable training center ? Then visit www.thecertificationcenter.com to see one the most credible online training centers out there. Their PALS certification of NYC is the way to go for you! They even have ...
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Get ACLS Certified Online!

Have you been meaning to get your ACLS certification, but you just don't have a lot of time to attend a class right now? If so, you are in luck! At the Certification Center, we are proud to say that we offer a huge selection of certification courses for you to choose from, and many of them can even be done online! We know that you have a busy sched...
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A 3 Part Evaluation within our ACLS Certification in NYC

Being able to be a hero when the time comes is something that most people in the medical profession are trained to do. However, there are dozens of medical branches, fields, industries, and professions that don't require specific life-support training. For us and others like us, this is just unacceptable, as all medical-related professions should h...
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You’ll Love Our BCLS Certification NYC Program!

We know that feeling inside you get when you want to help people. We know just how big your hearts are and how much you care about people on a mass level. This makes you a hero and a person that's willing to put themselves on the line for someone else. Well we have a lot of different safety and other training programs that can give you the job that...
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Life Saving PALS Certification NYC

We are The Certification Center and we have the knowledge and experience to help people with caring hearts become the heroes they are born to be. With more than 40 years of experience, you are guaranteed to receive the best training from our trained professionals. Our qualified, dedicated staff and our team is based in New York and they have excell...
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OSHA Certification NYC: The Certification Center, Inc.

The Certification Center, Inc. offers the full range of OSHA certification in NYC. We have OSHA 10 Safety, OSHA 30 Safety, HAZWOPER and much more. Sign up today to gain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in your field and ensure the safety of your crew.

CPR Training NYC: The Certification Center, Inc.

The Certification Center, Inc. is the leader in CPR training in NYC. We have both original certification and renewal courses online. Our eCourse is interactive and covers the CPR in adults, youth and infants. Sign up today to get started.

ACLS Certification NYC: The Certification Center, Inc.

Get your ACLS certification in NYC online. The Certification Center, Inc. has crafted a dynamic learning experience that you can complete in the comfort of your own home and on your own time; we know that scheduling for a course can be difficult and that is why our interactive online course is a great solution, sign up today.

BLS Certification NYC: The Certification Center, Inc.

The Certification Center, Inc. is the leader in American Heart Association training; we offer dynamic classes for both the individual and the group. We also have online courses for your convenience; including our Basic Life Support or BLS Certification in NYC. Sign up today to get started on your certification or renewal.