Defensive Driving

The Certification Center offers classes in Pals Certification, BCLS, ACLS and CPR training, but we do more! We also have online courses including on defensive driving. Our Defensive Driving course is NY DMV approved for point and insurance reduction. It allows you to save 10% on your auto or motorcycle base premium. You can remove up to 4 points off of your New York driving record. We've assembled some tips for you to get you started.

  • Drive through intersections on high alert. Always watch out for other drivers who would either jump a green or run a red light. Especially at night when streets are quiet some people think they can't bend the rules or, unfortunately, are driving under the influence and are being dangerous. Always slow down and look in both directions to double check that there is no traffic coming. 
  • Plan an escape. Always have a plan. If you are driving next to a shoulder you have that space to use but have a plan for when you are in the middle lane too. Expect the unexpected and you'll react better if something actually happens. 
  • Watch other drivers. If you see someone driving aggressively, weaving in and out of traffic, or just weaving left and right in their lane, they could be a danger to you. They could be on their phone, drunk, or just plain crazy and in any of those cases, best avoided on the road. If you have good reason to suspect they are driving under the influence, call 911 and report them. Give the car make and model, the mile marker number and the direction in which they are driving. You could save someone's life by doing so. 

We'll continue this topic in the future, in the meantime, be safe!

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