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The Certification Center is your source for certification training for a number of fields including PALS certification, BCLS certification, ACLS certification and CPR certification, and OSHA training. This blog will serve as an introduction to OSHA training. Occupational Safety and Health Administration is the government agency whose business it is to make sure that American workers are working under safe and healthy conditions. There are a number of employer obligations and workers rights involved in OSHA standards.

To be in compliance with the law, employers must, among many other things, provide safety training to employees, provide, free of charge, safety equipment to workers and keep workers informed about the law and any changes thereof.

We offer a total of 12 separate OSHA classes including a 2-Hour Asbestos Awareness Training. Mainly pertaining to the construction and demolition business, the hazards associated with working are well known and as long as old building still have asbestos, workers dealing directly with it can be at risk. To learn how to limit your exposure, and thus you risk, this course. This seminar covers how to prevent asbestos from becoming airborne and how to respond to asbestos emergencies. We also offer a Blood Borne pathogens class which is required universally in health care fields. Anyone who may come in contact with blood must know the precautions to take to avoid any infection from the blood. This program consists of a copy of standard modes of transmission, hazard recognition, use of engineering controls, work practices, and PPE and a live question and answer session. Sign up today to reserve your spot and be ready for your new job. 

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