Common CPR Myths Debunked

It was virtually inevitable to suddenly die from cardiac arrest for centuries. It's imperative to understand the importance of CPR training in NYC to increase cardiac arrest survival rates while educating them about the importance of emergency medical care. However, learning and understanding the importance of CPR training also means being able to ...
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Performing CPR? Avoid These Mistakes!

As one of the most crucial life-saving techniques available to us today, cardiopulmonary resuscitation helps save at least 18% of those who are suffering cardiac arrest. Here at The Certification Center, your source for trusted CPR training in NYC, we know that mistakes can be made from anyone – from experts and professionals to bystanders who are ...
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The Benefits of CPR Training

CPR isn't just for people in the medical field. Regardless of your profession, whether you are a lifeguard, a nanny, a barista or a marketing guru, you can still benefit from learning CPR. Getting CPR certified is a great way to do your part for society, and there are many benefits to CPR training in NYC, including: #1. The ability to save a life. ...
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Defensive Driving

The Certification Center offers classes in Pals Certification, BCLS, ACLS and CPR training, but we do more! We also have online courses including on defensive driving. Our Defensive Driving course is NY DMV approved for point and insurance reduction. It allows you to save 10% on your auto or motorcycle base premium. You can remove up to 4 points of...
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PALS certification NYC is the way to go!

Looking for that perfect Certification Center? Need to get your CPR training and do it quickly? Need that ACLS, IV, or BLS training and need a reputable training center ? Then visit www.thecertificationcenter.com to see one the most credible online training centers out there. Their PALS certification of NYC is the way to go for you! They even have ...
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Why You Should Get CPR Certified

CPR is something that everyone should know. Every year upwards of 200,000 people die due to Sudden Cardiac Arrest, and the leading cause of accidental death for kids between the ages of 1 and 4 is drowning. One of the best ways that we can cut down this disturbing number is by certifying as many people as possible with CPR. The following is our lis...
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CPR Training in NYC – Professional Abilities

Some of the fantastically helpful, prestigious, and virtuous professions that can be sought after once you've completed our CPR training in NYC are: construction worker , foreman, lead, manager, owner, welder, concrete worker nurse, nursing practitioner, nephrologist, dietician, nursing assistant, health professional, doctor, dentist, massage thera...
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CPR Training NYC: The Certification Center, Inc.

The Certification Center, Inc. is the leader in CPR training in NYC. We have both original certification and renewal courses online. Our eCourse is interactive and covers the CPR in adults, youth and infants. Sign up today to get started.

CPR Training NYC

CPR training in NYC many times is the difference between life and death. The Certification Center, Inc is the leader in training for individuals, new parents, offices, medical facilities and much more. Call today to learn more about our innovative methods and great classes.


Upon successfully completing Part 1, students will receive a Certificate of Completion. This must be presented to take the skills practice session and skills test with a certified American Heart Association. They are very helpful with CPR training in NYC and all over the United States! 


 I think it's clear to most people just how important CPR training can be. There may be many times in your life where knowing CPR may come to save the lives around you. This is why you should definitely put some interest into getting the proper certification. Luckily for you there are many great methods that the Certification Center has in the...
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NYC CPR TRAINING that will impress all

 Ready to get the CPR training of a lifetime? Then you've come to the perfect site. This is excellent in all ways here in NYC. They are backed by the American Heart Association. Give them a call at (718)539-8800 today!

The CPR Training you’ve NEEDED in NYC

Are you needing some CPR training? Do you need some healthcare, non-healthcare and safety training? Well let The Certification Center expand your knowledge with all their experience. They have great expertise in workplace safety fields. All this will enhance your professional growth.

Super Cool CPR Training in NYC

The Certification Center is your home for health training services. They have super cool CPR training in which you'll love the process. It's time to gain or renew your CPR training so let this company give it to you for a descent price. You'll get your training with a certified Heart-Saver Instructor. Experience the hands on training to correctly l...
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CPR Training in NYC

Are you needing CPR training in NYC? If you are, then visit The Certification Center today. We have the courses that you need to enhance your career or make you a more rounded safety worker. If your office requires certain certifications for employment, then we will be there for you. Contact us now and get started enhancing your skill set. We know ...
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Need CPR Training in NYC

Are you wanting to be CPR certified? If you are, then visit The Certification Center today. We have the best CPR training in NYC and can get you certified quickly. Contact us today and let's get started today helping you reach your 2013 goals. Visit us now and we can jump start your career in no time. 

CPR Training in NYC for Your Advancement

Are you wanting to become CPR certified? If you are, get to The Certification Center today. We offer top-notch CPR training in NYC and will get you certified in no time. Enhance your career with added knowledge and capabilities and become the best healthcare professional around. Visit us today and let's get started getting you the certifications th...
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Great CPR Training in NYC

High quality knowledge comes with great training. At The Certification Center we have the ability to give you great CPR training in NYC that will help you in your career. Contact us today and start the certification process in many different areas. From CPR, ACLS, BCLS and much more we have the certifications that you need. Contact us today and see...
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Get CPR training in NYC

At The Certification Center, we provide comprehensive certification classes for all levels of healthcare and safety professionals. Whether you're going for your first certification credential or re-upping an existing one, our classes are made to meet your needs. Get comprehensive CPR training in NYC. Even if you're not a healthcare professional, it...
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CPR Training in NYC – Not Just For medical Professionals

Obviously, CPR training is important for professionals. EMT, Firefighters, medical technicians and even teachers need to be proficient in these important skills. But what about the average person? Yes, we're talking to you – the Mom or Dad. The pool owner whose backyard attracts all the neighborhood kids. or perhaps you're the person who steps in w...
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