Common CPR Myths Debunked

It was virtually inevitable to suddenly die from cardiac arrest for centuries. It's imperative to understand the importance of CPR training in NYC to increase cardiac arrest survival rates while educating them about the importance of emergency medical care. However, learning and understanding the importance of CPR training also means being able to separate fact from fiction.

Today we're going to discuss some of the most common myths surrounding CRP training and debunk them once and for all.

  • You can be sued if you perform CPR on a bystander. Actually, Good Samaritan laws will protect you if you provide emergency medical assistance in the form of CPR, First Aid, or AED. Obviously, if you're negligent or reckless, then courts can rule that Good Samaritan laws do not apply.
  • If you perform CPR incorrectly, you can kill someone. CPR will always help a victim suffering from cardiac arrest – it will never harm them. Its best to perform CPR imperfectly rather than not at all.
  • You can receive your CPR certification online. While it is true that you can get your CPR and First Aid training certifications online, you still need to complete in-person skills in order to receive the actual certification. There are quite a few online CPR notifications that offer "instant" CPR certifications, none of these will meet requirements set by your employer.
  • CPR classes are boring and too long. If you choose an experienced instructor who can teach an engaging class, then your certification class can actually be very enjoyable. Most CPR classes only last a few hours, so time passes quickly if you can find an enthusiastic instructor.
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