Why You Should Get CPR Certified

CPR is something that everyone should know. Every year upwards of 200,000 people die due to Sudden Cardiac Arrest, and the leading cause of accidental death for kids between the ages of 1 and 4 is drowning. One of the best ways that we can cut down this disturbing number is by certifying as many people as possible with CPR. The following is our lis...
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Common Warning Signs of a Stroke

Strokes are all too common. In fact, approximately every 40 seconds someone has a stroke. One of the things that you will learn when you take our BCLS certification course in NYC is the risk factors for stroke, but until then, you should at least know about the common warning signs, because the longer it takes a stroke victim to get treatment, the ...
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Get ACLS Certified Online!

Have you been meaning to get your ACLS certification, but you just don't have a lot of time to attend a class right now? If so, you are in luck! At the Certification Center, we are proud to say that we offer a huge selection of certification courses for you to choose from, and many of them can even be done online! We know that you have a busy sched...
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What You Will Learn in Your PALS Certification Course

Do you work with kids in the healthcare field? If so, then our PALS certification course in NYC is for you. PALS, which stands for pediatric advanced life support, is a result of a joint effort put forth by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Heart Association in an attempt to help health care providers everywhere to effectively ass...
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CPR Training in NYC – Professional Abilities

Some of the fantastically helpful, prestigious, and virtuous professions that can be sought after once you've completed our CPR training in NYC are: construction worker , foreman, lead, manager, owner, welder, concrete worker nurse, nursing practitioner, nephrologist, dietician, nursing assistant, health professional, doctor, dentist, massage thera...
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The Applied Methods of our ACLS Certification, NYC

An ACLS certification in NYC really means a lot these days. regardless of what type of profession requires or doesn't require to have it. Advanced Cardiac Life Support knowledge is something that someone can use at any job, any home, or any other situation. The ability to approach a person that is suffering from some sort of heart defect or complet...
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A 3 Part Evaluation within our ACLS Certification in NYC

Being able to be a hero when the time comes is something that most people in the medical profession are trained to do. However, there are dozens of medical branches, fields, industries, and professions that don't require specific life-support training. For us and others like us, this is just unacceptable, as all medical-related professions should h...
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Save your Patient’s Life : BCLS Certifications in NYC

Being able to provide basic cardiac life support in the workplace is something that everyone in the health field should not only know how to do, but be certified for. If you're a nurse, it's must-have knowledge, as your patients could experience heart related problems at any point in time. If you're a doctor, no matter what type you are, you have g...
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Our PALS Certification in NYC Requires

There are so many reasons you should decide to retain our services and training classes, one of them being our accreditations. Although our training may be complex, our certifications are well-designed and very informative, not to mention the respect they get from many other organizations. If you are looking for a pediatric-based certification, the...
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A 30 Hour OSHA Certification In NYC Is What Construction Workers Need!

There are so many thousands of different types of tools, equipment pieces, machines, vehicles, and materials involved in the industry of construction. Not only is this very intimidating to most construction workers, but it's also very dangerous, especially without the proper training. Safety training is one of the most overlooked aspects in the ind...
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You Can Save Hearts By Taking Our CPR Training In NYC!

One of the greatest feelings in the world is saving someone's life. Having the knowledge to do so is a whole nother matter. But for those looking to finally take the steps necessary to figure our the life saving methods and tactics that work, they have our CPR Training in NYC at their beck and call. Our course is called the 'HeartSaver CPR AED Onli...
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ACLS Certification In NYC Under High Pressure Circumstances

We know that getting the proper training can mean life or death in some workplaces, which is why we have thoroughly tested each and every one of our training programs and then some. We've tested them under high pressure circumstances and under additional potential accidents that could happen. All of our training programs have passed these extreme c...
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You’ll Love Our BCLS Certification NYC Program!

We know that feeling inside you get when you want to help people. We know just how big your hearts are and how much you care about people on a mass level. This makes you a hero and a person that's willing to put themselves on the line for someone else. Well we have a lot of different safety and other training programs that can give you the job that...
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Life Saving PALS Certification NYC

We are The Certification Center and we have the knowledge and experience to help people with caring hearts become the heroes they are born to be. With more than 40 years of experience, you are guaranteed to receive the best training from our trained professionals. Our qualified, dedicated staff and our team is based in New York and they have excell...
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OSHA Certification NYC: The Certification Center, Inc.

The Certification Center, Inc. offers the full range of OSHA certification in NYC. We have OSHA 10 Safety, OSHA 30 Safety, HAZWOPER and much more. Sign up today to gain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in your field and ensure the safety of your crew.

CPR Training NYC: The Certification Center, Inc.

The Certification Center, Inc. is the leader in CPR training in NYC. We have both original certification and renewal courses online. Our eCourse is interactive and covers the CPR in adults, youth and infants. Sign up today to get started.

ACLS Certification NYC: The Certification Center, Inc.

Get your ACLS certification in NYC online. The Certification Center, Inc. has crafted a dynamic learning experience that you can complete in the comfort of your own home and on your own time; we know that scheduling for a course can be difficult and that is why our interactive online course is a great solution, sign up today.

BLS Certification NYC: The Certification Center, Inc.

The Certification Center, Inc. is the leader in American Heart Association training; we offer dynamic classes for both the individual and the group. We also have online courses for your convenience; including our Basic Life Support or BLS Certification in NYC. Sign up today to get started on your certification or renewal. 

PALS Certification NYC: The Certification Center, Inc.

The Certification Center, Inc. host Pediatric Advanced LIfe Support or PALS Certification in NYC. We have both original and recertification courses available and all materials and lunch are included in the fees. We use dynamic and entertaining approaches to teaching the curriculum; schedule a class today for you or the entire office. 

OSHA Certification NYC

The Certification Center, Inc is the number one provider of OSHA Certification in NYC; we have construction and construction supervisor classes today. We use innovative methods to teach and keep it entertaining while informative. Call today to learn more about our approach and class schedule today.