Register for PALS Certification in NYC

In sixteen hours, you will learn: Advanced Pediatric Airway Management Intra Osseous Injection Medication Administration Pharmacology Rapid Cardio-Pulmonary Assessment Special Resuscitation Situations Case Management Situations Register here for PALS Certification in NYC.  

CPR Training in NYC – Not Just For medical Professionals

Obviously, CPR training is important for professionals. EMT, Firefighters, medical technicians and even teachers need to be proficient in these important skills. But what about the average person? Yes, we're talking to you – the Mom or Dad. The pool owner whose backyard attracts all the neighborhood kids. or perhaps you're the person who steps in w...
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What To Expect From Your ACLS Certification In NYC

  Your ACLS certification is important. You need to keep it current, and we're here to help you do just that. Here's what you can expect from your ACLS certification at our NYC training facility: Advanced Airway Technique EKG Recognition Pharmacology Defibrillation/Cardioversion Medication Administration

Our BCLS certification in NYC includes:

Part 1: Focuses on the needs of healthcare providers when administering CPR in a variety of circumstances and settings Initiating the chain of survival Adult, child, and infant chest compressions AED (automated external defibrillator) training Rescue breaths Team CPR (two rescuers) Choking relief Part 2: Hand-on training with American Heart Associa...
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Get your PALS certification in NYC

We make getting your PALS certification in NYC easy. Register for one of our many scheduled on-site classes. Or take an online class. You'll get the same information , but from the comfort of your own home. Work the class into your busy schedule. It really is that easy to schedule a class.

Get Your ACLS Certification In NYC Right Here

Advanced Cardiac Life Support training is key to many modern medical careers today. You can get your acls certification in NYC right here at The Certification Center. You can even register online ! The course is for certification as well as re-certification. What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Need That BCLS Certification In NYC?

If you need BCLS Certification in NYC then you've found the right website. The Certification Center offers the classes you need for Basic Life Support Certification. The class teaches Health Care Professionals Risk Factors of Heart Attack and Stroke, The Chain of Survival, Foreign Body Airway Obstruction, CPR for infants, children, and adults, and ...
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How To Get PALS Certification In NYC

Wondering how you get your PALS certification in NYC? Well wonder now more because it is quite simple. The Certification Center offers a Pediatric Advanced Life Support to get the certification you need. Click here to learn more and begin your registration now. You'll be glad that you did. 

PALS Certification NYC? Right Here

  PALS Certification NYC is easy. Our course provides what health care professionals need to administer Pediatric Advanced Life Support and we offer both original and recertification. Though you do need a non-expired BLS for Healthcare Providers card. The course covers Advanced Pediatric Airway Management, Intra Osseous Injection, Medication A...
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Ready To Get ACLS Certification In NYC?

Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification is required for many modern medical careers. Are you ready to get yours? ACLS Certification in NYC is fast, simple, and easy thanks to our online programs. It is a three part course that you can use to either get your new certification or to renew an existing one. Whatever your need is this course will ha...
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Getting Your BCLS Certification in NYC

It couldn't be easier to get your BCLS Certification in NYC than through our state of the art online program. Basic Life Support (BCLS) is just one of our American Heart Association Cardiac Care programs. It is a 3 part web based and self-paced program that will have you on your way to certification in no time. The course uses state of the art eSim...
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PALS Certification in NYC

PALS certification in NYC is just a few clicks away. You can get your Pediatric Advanced Life Support certificate through our convenient and easy to approach program. It is part of our cardiac care classes which are a part of the American Heart Associations Cardiac Care Program. We are ready and excited to work with you so contact us today to begin...
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CPR and defibrillator use are critical before reaching the ER

Blacks Less Likely to Get Help on Scene After Cardiac Arrest: Study Researchers stress that CPR and defibrillator use are critical before reaching the ER… The complete article can be viewed at : Blacks Less Likely to Get Help on Scene After Cardiac Arrest: Study

Lifesaving Defibrillators

  Lifesaving Defibrillators Often Not Nearby When Needed Study found automated devices were usually too far away to save cardiac arrest victims… The complete article can be viewed at: Lifesaving Defibrillators Often Not Nearby When Needed

Cops use AED to save man

Cops use AED to save man in cardiac arrest Two First Precinct police officers saved a man in cardiac arrest in North Amityville Thursday by using an automatic external defibrillator, Suffolk County police said.Officers James Behrens and Anthon… The complete article can be viewed at: Cops use AED to save man in cardiac arrest

Where to get my healthcare and non-healthcare training

 Did you know that The Certification Center, Inc. is a great place to get your healthcare and non-healthcare training! The staff is very accommodating. You will receive excellent customer service and welcomed into a warm environment. What would you like to know about The Certification Center, Inc.?

ACLS Certification In NYC

You can earn your ACLS Certification in NYC or anywhere with our e-simulation technology. This is also available for renewals as well. Advanced Cardiac Life Support or ACLS is vital for treatment of cardiac arrest, stroke, and other life-threatening conditions. The course is taken online and is both PC and Mac compatible. There are three parts to t...
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Patient Care Technician Review- September 2012 – Limited Seats available!

Register now for the Patient Care Technician Review class in September. Call 718-539-8800 for more information or visit www.thecertificationcenter.com  

End of Summer – Fall Classes now available!

 Visit www.thecertificationcenter.com for class enrollment or call 718-539-8800 today to get certified.

You can become certified from your own house!

With technology literally at your finger tips , learning online can be so much fun! Not only is it convenient to be able to sit at home and take classes, but it makes balancing you time so much easier. E-learning includes all forms of electronically supported learning and research to help you become certified in which ever area you chose! You can c...
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