(1 day / 8 hours) Minimum students count 10 Maximum 30

TCCC -AC class is NAEMT’s 8 hour version based off the core concepts of the Original TC3 16 hour class. It’s focus is to train first responders to handle emergency situations seconds after they happen.

First Responders are tasked with treating Injuries in a prehospital setting. This course will properly prepare you to appropriately act and react in a tactical environment that may save the life of someone else or your own.
The TCCC-AC class offers 8 Continuing Medical Education credits for any certified EMT or Paramedic and is recognized by National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians, however this class does not require certifications and is available to all First Responders. At the completion of this course, each student will receive a TCCC certification from NAEMT.

This course contains lectures and hands-on skill station scenarios, by trained certified instructors, designed to expose the student to a variety of different emergency situations and confidently provide appropriate care. 

  • Care under-fire Concepts
  • Equipment Checklist for first responders
  • Bleeding & Tourniquets 
  • Burns
  • C-spine injuries and Movement of an aided
  • Field Care Concepts
  • Bleeding and QuikClot 
  • Airway trauma and treatments
  • Chest trauma and treatments
  • Hypothermia 
  • Fractures and splinting

Prices: $199 per seat $275 with IFAK (individual First Aid Kit)